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Are you a single parent who wants to meet up with other families for days out and holidays?

Jumping into the pool in Spain

Being the only adult on any trip can be daunting and lonely but not going on holiday at all doesn't have to be the only option.

It was these feelings that made a small group of like-minded single parents join together in 1991 to create the Single Parent Travel Club.

The aim of the club is to create a place where single parent families can organise days out and group holidays.

The SPTC is run by its members for its members.

Lifetime Membership is a one off donation of just £20 per family

So, how does the club work?

Members communicate via a Secret Facebook Page, invisible to non-members, and make arrangements to meet up for holidays and days out.

Here are some examples ......

Tracey booked a barn in Devon, it sleeps 18 people and costs £1000 for one week, she paid a small deposit and advertised it to the group. Six families joined her and they paid £55 per person

Tom booked a 5 bedroom villa in Florida for two weeks at Easter, he advertised the rooms to the group and by sharing the costs, everyone got a great deal.

Nisha wanted to meet up with other single parents in her area, she suggested a day out in her local country park and organised a BBQ and a scavenger hunt for the children.

Sarah wanted to go to Turkey, but found travelling abroad quite lonely, she joined SPTC and posted the dates and Hotel. Other families booked too, they exchanged numbers and met up. Sarah and the children made lots of new friends that summer.

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